Oh Hey.

You’ve stumbled upon my tiny corner of the internet where I’m documenting my adventures. Poor you.

This is serving as a creative outlet and something to look back on when I’m old, grey and bed ridden. I can picture it now, scanning through the pages via an in-bedded chip in my head. Next post *blink* Next post *blink*

In April 2019 I deleted all my social media (I know, outrageous, but it’s okay I survived… if not thrived!) So, this is how the blogging idea was born. Through a strong desire to document but with an even stronger disdain for social media, I created this corner of the web. Welcome 🙂

Along with documenting my adventures, there will be regular brain dump posts where I attempt to unscramble my thoughts, feelings, observations and reflections about life tings. Just go with it, man.

PS, It’s best to read each post as a standalone and with a wheelbarrow of salt. x

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