The Reasons Why I Want To Travel.

“OMG I just want to, like, go find myself and, like, discover who I really am – you just don’t understand the journey I’m on MAN!”

– My inner misunderstood tween.

I’m joking. But every joke has a vein of truth.

What are my reasons why I want to travel I hear you scream? HA! no, I know you didn’t, but this blog is a documentation to reflect upon, and so I thought a post including the reasons I want to travel, before I have set off might quite interesting to look back on retrospectively, and to compare with in a few years from now. You know when I’m like this badass intrepid world traveller who stumbles upon this post in 5 years time and is humbled by baby traveller’s pre-gone-anywhere thoughts.

Sick bucket on standby…

  • To step outside my comfort zone. It’s the place to grow. The growing pains hurt when faced with strange places, new problems and scary moments but that is unfortunately where we must put ourselves to develop.

  • To experience the feelings of awe and wonderment. I love the city I live in currently as I write this and always will. WE ARE LEEDS! But when you have lived somewhere for so long you stop taking in the sights and people, and start operating on autopilot. Being in a new place, I will see things through tourists eyes, excited and amazed.

  • To meet lots of different people from all walks of life. I adore meeting new people. I was quieter and a little shy when I was younger but now my favourite thing to do is talk to people and to form connections to humans on different levels. Removing social media from my life enhanced this ten fold.

  • To spend more time in the present. You’ve all read The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle (and if you haven’t, I HIGHLY recommend you do!) to sum up, being in the present allows for true peacefulness, calmness and dare I say it… happiness! I know this to be true from battling my own monkey mind that likes to plan 20 years in advance. Being in a new location, culture, around new people will force me to be present and in turn happy happy happy – right!?!

  • To learn. I once fretted to my sister on a road trip that I had no skills, listing music as an example. her response was “well you’re more academic.” And a dearest friend also said, “your hobby is self betterment, and learning things.” Are you getting the picture? I’m a sponge soaking up my surroundings, if I am not learning or working towards something I feel stagnant and unhappy. So travelling will feed this insatiable need to absorb as much soapy suds of knowledge as possible.

So there it is. 30 year old me, please review and update if needed 😉

Peace out.

Photo by Diego Jimenez on Unsplash