Matt, UK.

Another day, another Matt.

Swiping on thee old Tinder looking for like-minded humans to kick it with.. Oh, this one’s Vegan! Vegan dinner dates here. we. come!

I am an absolute sucker for someone who’s got stories to tell, and someone who can tell a story well! I told you I’m a sponge, and I want to know everything so if you even hint at knowing about something I want to know about, then hollaaaa come and sit with me and spill your guts.

Matt from the United Kingdom.

When you’re travelling and using Tinder you skip the nonsense, the games, the sussings out. You send a message saying “I want to go and do *insert excursion here*, do you want to come with me!? and 9 times out of 10 they say YES, when?

That sums up Matt and I’s meeting. We ate dinner together a couple times before he headed home. I liked him. very much a person on a similar wave to me, lets say ‘woke’ (spew). He had just come to Thailand from Bali (hurrrah! do I smell travel tales?) Got the tatts to prove it brah! all tanned and glowy and blonde – you absolute hippy you. (jealous)

We discussed at length over smoothie bowls AND smoothies (why did I order a chocolate banana smoothie bowl and a chocolate banana smoothie?) Life in the UK, life in Asia, travelling, Veganism yadda yadda. It was fun. I learned lots and I enjoyed his company.

Now here is where the lack of social media farts on a social situation. I’m often asked do I have Instagram as a way of staying in contact, but lets face it, what happens? We add each other, and then we never speak again, we never meet again, but occasionally we like or comment on a picture. Sad. So I drop the Earth shattering bomb answer. No, my dude.

Now the people who I tend to f*ck with often praise this. They say they wish they could do that! That must be sooo nice, so freeing! I am so envious! (I mean, you could actually do it too, you know?) Matt was one of these cutie pies. But it left him with a ‘connection denied’ error message written all over his face as he munched his spaghetti (a wiser dinner choice than mine).

“Don’t worry” I sooooothed him. Enjoy the time we have together IRL and look back with nothing but fondness, not sadness for what could have been.

So profound right? it’s well rehearsed. I have to say it to calm the fans 😉

During our last meal he told me he was due to fly that next morning to the UK, he was dreading it but had ran out of money. We finished dindins, I paid for our dinner without telling him (yeahhh messing with the societal norms that constrain us! – Not that a female paying for dinner should even be a TING!)

It was very strange our goodbye, we would never speak again, never see each other and I could tell this made him feel uncomfortable. But I reassured him with my hippy mumbo jumbo, hugged and parted.

He was a delight, intelligent, fun, and we bonded over being both from the UK (and vegan werhayy). I am sure he is doing just fine, wherever he may be 🙂