One Lucky Girl & Doi Suthep Temple.

I didn’t realise how lucky I was.

In The People Series of my blog, I tell the story of my encounter with Paddy from the UK. Long story short he took me to see the Doi Suthep Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Now in that post I mention the weather being pretty bad, intermittent heavy hot rain with dark heavy clouds. Now, I believe this is key to my experience in this temple. So remember this 😉

We paid 30 Baht each to enter the temple. The stairs nearly killed me, I nearly did require a religion to be saved from that climb!

Panting, I threw off my sliders stood for a second to regain dignity as I could feel the peaceful vibe before I even entered the grounds. I didn’t want to stagger in sweating and out of puff. What would the Monks think!?

When I tell you this place was beyond peaceful. The only sound to be heard were the distant chants of the monks, the pitter patter of rain on the gold temple and the gentle ringing of bells that people had put in the temple when making wishes.

Paddy and I took a seat on the floor out the way to watch the rainfall and run off the REAL gold sculptures. The high mountain winds brushed past each wish bell playing a tune. There were only Paddy, me and a few others.

As we sat there the rain grew stronger, we sat under a roof that lined the court yard up a little step. The rain was so heavy by the time it was time to leave we had to wade ankle deep through water.

I was already feeling very happy to have visited this place. But Paddy told me we were incredibly lucky because the temple is usually swarming with tourists trying to take selfies.

Now I don’t consider myself a religious person, but perhaps spiritual. I think there is something bigger than us, call it energy, God, whatever you like. But coming to this temple, I got to let it wash over me, figuratively and literally (those down pours thooo.)

Do you see how lucky I was? The storm allowed for me to witness this temple, to seek solace and be granted it, without a mass of people surrounding me. Especially as the city can get quite noisy with people and vehicles it was a welcomed pause during my trip to Thailand and a perfect place to reflect.

I may never experience that again. Thank you storm.