Admist China’s Health Scare, I Have The Inside Scoop.

How on earth does little old me, a social media-less, hermit crab excuse of a human have a direct line to the Chinese public and can regularly ask the people of China how they are doing?

Unfortunately I may have hyped this post up too much already. The answers simple and boring. But I find it fascinating that for someone who is not subjected to constant updates about famous people, places and physically deformed yet incredibly insta-cute (#errmegerd) cats I get the inside scoop of whats going on in China during this Coronavirus outbreak.

The ‘how’ is not important here. It’s the connection I am able to establish with humans in China on a one to one basis where I can communicate with them, ask them how they are. Help them through it, offer words of kindness to a fellow being in need. I can do my part.

Don’t get me wrong. I can’t cure this thing. But I can offer a friendly face and warmth during this time.

Right so, I am an English teacher and I work online, teaching Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese people. I work with little sprogs as young as 3 years old all the way up to the old and beautiful. I love my job. I spend my days talking to people from a completely different culture all day long. I am in my element!

I am thankful my company expressed encouragement for us teachers to offer a word of kindness and information to the students during this time and I think my job is a great tool for exactly that.

We can’t cure it teaching English, but we can let them know we are here for them.

Photo Credit: Unsplash