Preparing To Leave Is A Strange Feeling.

For the last 5 years (ish) I have up and left many places, be it to go to university, to move closer to a partner, to move back home, away from home, for a new job etc you name it I’ve used it as an excuse to leave a place.

I feel as though I have natural nomadic tendencies. That mixed with cabin fever I have realised I can only last about 9 months in the same location before I am itching to move on.

One place I will always hold close to my heart is Leeds, UK. I moved here for university after a tumultuous start into adulthood due to abuse from significant figures in my life. I have lived in Leeds for about 4 years now and I still completely adore Leeds beyond belief.

I wouldn’t even say on paper it was a particularly special city. But to me it was a safe haven and fresh start. It’s the perfect size too. Just big enough to never get bored, yet small enough to never be overwhelmed (I did attempt to live in London – my God the stress was unreal.)

Leeds is fun, Leeds has character. Leeds offered solace and a platform to build myself up from.

The inspiration for this post came from a walk home I did with one of my friends. We walked along the canal as we often do, the sun was rapidly disappearing and leaving a watercolour navy blue and grey sky behind it. I have caught myself many times in awe of the city I live in, and this time it was a little different.

I begin full time travel soon, and will say good bye to Leeds in a few months. The feeling of preparing to leave somewhere, with all the things you know and love, all the people you met and shared so many memories with it’s strange. It makes me stop for a second to fully absorb the moment I am in so that I can create a vivid memory and to remember how grateful I am for the place and people I am surrounded by.

I don’t feel sad. Moving and/or travelling onto the next place feels like second nature to me. And I know Leeds always has my back if I should ever want to return.