P’Tone, Thailand.

What a joker this guy was. Always laughing. Always laughing AT someone.

I met him through Matt from Australia. They both hung out at the hostel every. single. day. Did he have a job? A family? I don’t know. Did he have a sniper rifle? Did he eat edibles? Yeeeees.

Quite the contrast from Matt, 5 foot nothing, luscious, floaty black hair you weave wearers could only dream of. 47 years old head to toe in tattoos. An absolute pool shark if ever I saw one!

He would stare at you, to the point of you exclaiming “what!?” his face would crack into a million lines as he howled with laughter and then explained where the nearest ‘Wat’ was. Wat being the Thai word for temple. He did this joke numerous times and he never tired of it.

Somehow, despite his very lacking English, his jokes knew no language barrier – neither did his insults.

He introduced me to this man who on inspection I would of said looked about 12 years old. No exaggeration.

Forgive me han brolo, I never got your name!

He was 35 years old and just left the hospital after this 4th blood transfusion due to alcohol poisoning. He tells me this story whilst drinking whisky… He then goes on to question me about my gender. I was not offended, but Matt later tells me because Thailand has many people who sit on the gender spectrum the obvious being Lady Boys, he didn’t think I was a boy, he was asking what I thought I was.

I said…

“I am a Queen.”

Photo by Sven Scheuermeier on Unsplash