Seeking Solace ~ On An Air Bed Surrounded By Plants And Art.

aaaaaaanndd breathe.

It’s the best air bed I have ever slept on.

I’ve come to realise how important escaping everyday life is for our well-being. Maybe you want a sabbatical from work or you want a holiday somewhere sunny or you just want to escape the city and run away to nature. I feel you, man.

You’re not weak for doing it. I would say strong in fact! To be able to say “Hold up! This is not working for me” and to take a couple steps back from the situation you find yourself in.

Granted not everyone has this luxury, some people have responsibilities or others relying on them. Me, however, I have deliberately cultivated my life to a point where I am able to drop everything and leave a place (potential abandonment issues…) I am remote, flexible, and a minimalist.

If I am ever feeling a change in scenery I can pack a bag, pack my office, and skedaddle on out!

Nottingham, UK. It’s the city I grew up in. I moved to Leeds and shunned Nottingham. Screw you Nottingham, I’ve out-grown you!

But now I have had 4 years of living away from Nottingham I see it through new eyes. I no longer dread returning to this city but it has become my quick fix of solace. When I need to reign it in, find peace and quiet or focus on something I will hop on a train to Nottingham within the hour!

I think we all need a place we can go to disappear from the world for a while.

Mine, is an airbed amongst the plants and art.