Minimalism ~ Shedding Layers Onion Boy!

Shedding physical items, shedding tasks, shedding stress. Pass me my only monk robe and flip flops.

They aren’t Bullshitting us when they say less is more.

I found the movement Minimalism about 2/3 years ago, shout out The Minimalists documentary!

As a child I lived in a reasonably sized house but it was cluttered with stuff. STUFF. THINGS. OBJECTS. All four of us in the family definitely hoarded to some degree. But growing up in that environment I didn’t know how badly it was affecting me. To be honest, I had more pressing issues to deal with like a sociopath father to avoid.

It’s one of those ideologies that you not only understand, but you FEEL it. Does that make any sense? Like I can understand the idea behind a movement or the reasons for doing X Y and Z but how many ideologies do you get behind because you can feel what it means to adopt this way of living/thinking/doing. Go on, let’s get cheesy, we’ll liken it to an awakening!

So, coming from an overflowing house, I moved out of the family home at 18 for University. It was like, 4 car loads!?!?

How does an 18 year old who had barely lived yet got that much stuff! (why did I insist on 10 duvets?)

I was still accumulating ‘stuff’ in my new house, now that I could spread out and not be banished to my room I was getting into home decor buying lots of tacky candle holders and cushions and fluffy throws. I need all this. NEED it!

Then the memories get hazy, not the best time in my life, my brain seems to have decided to delete most of 18-20 year old memories. Probably for the best. But I just remember, one afternoon I seized the very small window of opportunity to escape an abusive relationship, by running away. I grabbed all my belongings as fast as I could from an ex-boyfriends house and bolted out the door, mum in tow, cat under arm.

Since then, I have moved houses and cities several times and had multiple long distance relationships. These events in my life made me very good at packing in 10 seconds and living out of only a bag – so perhaps this + the discovery of minimalism = the way I live now?

The last few city moves, I was very proud to fit all my things in my Mum’s Skoda (although she still thinks it’s too much… can you talk mumsy? ;))

So yes, cliche after cliche, I am happier, freer, flexible, more peaceful, relaxed, content, productive!

And even the minimalist aesthetic appeals to me a little bit. The all white rooms and plants – just screams serenity right!?

Althoughhhhhhhh! ‘Stuff’ and the accumulation of it, or the perceived desire or need for things, I think masks, and is a symptom of underlying trauma or issues, manifesting in the need to fill a space, to be too busy consuming to address issues. – Never mind the brainwashing done by companies to make you think you need to have all this crap. Because once you have completely stripped your life of 80% of thingsss you are suddenly left with a lot of time and space to think, and more importantly FEEL.

I no longer shop idly, I no longer spend forever tidying and cleaning, I know longer spend hours wondering what to wear. I have so much free time, to the point where even after an 8 hour working day, everyday (my choice) I still have bags of time to read the 4 books I have on the go, the podcasts I listen to, socialising, dumping thoughts on here and whatever else I find more fulfilling. Some of my friends having a running joke that no one knows what I do in my spare time, not even me – It’s kinda true.

As I am about to begin long term travel in 4.5 months (but who’s counting?… eek!) I have been forced (in a good way ;)) To downsize my life even further. I have enjoyed the last few months donating my belongings to people who I feel will truly get a lot of use out of them. I wear a lot of men’s clothes and I have a lot of males around me who have been eyeing up certain clothes hinting that they might like it if I were to get rid. Bloody vultures!

I will live out of a backpack for the foreseeable future. The idea of having everything I own in one bag, sparks a nuclear bomb of excitement.

Photo by Ev on Unsplash