Minimalism ~ The Ultimate Challenge!

I am about to seriously level up on this whole Minimalism ting.

I’m pretty good at only buying things I need and not having too many things. But the plan is to live out of only one backpack whilst I travel (indefinitely). I know a few minimalists online who have expressed similar excitement in only having a backpack of belongings. There is something incredibly freeing about this idea.

Now here is a lil story that will get me in trouble with my Mumsy when she reads this. But that’s okay ;). When I went travelling to Thailand for the first time, that was my first long trip and the furthest away. So I used a suitcase on wheels (my Mum’s suitcase) which was one of several travel newbie mistakes I have learned from. Have you ever tried to wheel a suitcase around a country that somewhat lacks in infrastructure? Kinda embarrassing. Kinda a long ting.

During the first week in Thailand, I went on the search for a big backpack, and found the perfect one in a supermarket chain in Phuket called The Big C (unfortunate name). A 90 Litre bad boy of a back pack. The perfect size for my entire life to squeeze in. It was SOO much easier!

Which means my Mum’s suitcase is living it’s best life in the South of Thailand. Sorry Mum, it wanted to travel. To be free.

I am 4 months out from leaving the UK and I have spent the last few months downsizing my belongings and working out what can be taken with me and what can’t.

This might seem tedious or hard to do. But I enjoy letting go of things. And I turned it into a little game – which might inspire others who want to declutter.

I go through all my clothes, one pile I keep, one pile I get rid. Now I don’t do this clothes sorting once, I do it several times over a period of a few months (this time is a little different as it is for a purpose). Each sorting sesh is like a round, for example, a pair of trousers passed Round One into the keep pile but it didn’t make it passed Round Two a month later and was put in the get rid pile. Does that make any sense!?

I am also awaiting the winter to end and this hurricane Ciara!! Because then the Winter clothes are about to encounter there final round! Dun dun dunnnnn.

Photo by Chris Holgersson on Unsplash