Tinder Is No Longer All About Hook-Ups.

Swipe swipe swipe swipe…

Initially not my idea. But what a wonderful experience I had!

Jason my travel companion to Thailand was preparing for the trip. This included packing 3 T-shirts, 3 boxers, 1 pair of shorts. That’s it. For a month. of course he capitalised on the fact I was incredibly excited to use the launderettes on a regular basis. I finally was able to live my dream of being a young, broke, cool kid in one of those 90s American Rom Coms. Midnight launderette shenanigans Downtown, with a magazine and a lollipop sat on top of the tumble driers swinging my legs to my Walkman.

It wasn’t as glamorous, it was often 2am in 30 degree humid weather, sitting on a table, sweating through my two-piece-tie-dye outfit under a one blade fan swatting bugs and watching sitcoms.

ANYWAY! Jason’s prep involved downloading and paying for premium Tinder. Because a lil birdie told him that many freelance Ladyboys use Tinder to find work. Sherwinggggggggg!

Mine and Jason’s friendship is built on independence of one another. All he wanted to do was work in his hotel room by day and hunt Ladyboys by night. So reluctantly (initially) I signed up to Tinder myself, as I had heard it was a great tool for solo travellers.

And you know what it bloody was! SOOOO many fellow travellers use Tinder to find people to hang out with. Many profiles stated their intentions, such as, looking for someone to do excursions with, have meals with, be a tour guide etc etc. Fantastic I thought! I can window shop all the potential adventure buddies from my aircon icey hotel room early in the morning, and give it an hour or two and I’d set up my days activities! Seeing elephants, cooking classes, meals out, scooter rides to temples. You name it, I did it.

I am sure there are still people using it to date and hook up. But there are so many, thousands I dare say, of people just wanting to connect whilst they are on their travels. It’s a beautiful use for Tinder and it really made my trip. I would suggest focusing on people who have laid out their intentions on their profiles, or maybe make it clear what your intentions are. Meet in public places etc etc you knowwww, I’m not your mama.

And what was really special was that Jason and I had two very different experiences of our trip, but everyday at 5pm Jason would emerge from his hotel room in search of food, and everyday at 5pm, I would join him. This was Josie and Jason time. Where we told each other everything we had been up to.

I told him tales of wild and spontaneous days with new found friends and he told me tales of massage parlours and gogo bars. I adore my friendship with Jason. He’s not clingy and doesn’t expect much from you, and that has been really good for me in the years I have known him. I can’t wait to go back and find him in Chiang Mai later this year 🙂

Photo by Jonny Kennaugh on Unsplash