Anu, Kelly, Sam, and Saatchi, Australia.

MEGA BABES if ever I met any.

I can’t sniff Lavender scents without thinking of these souls – they fought off the mosquitoes with essential oils – bleddy hippies ❤

What a bunch of incredibly sweet humans. I got to spend time with these guys several times throughout my time in Thailand. They welcomed me into their group and invited me on their excursions. In return I showed them all the fun spots in Chiang Mai that I had found – The Reggae Bar in particular.

Such typical Aussie hippies it was adorable. Long flowing messy hair (bar Sam), shameless double cheese cloth outfits and stringy sandals.

Come visit you on your organic farm in Melbourne you say? Erm yes of course. Duh!

My favourite activity we did was go to an organic farm outside of Chiang Mai for a half day cooking class.

I was genuinely gutted to see them move on and fly down south, we shared one last lunch together before they went, oh yeah they were all vegan woohoo! Bonus!

I am honoured they liked me enough to invite me out several times and will always cherish the fun memories we created together and if we meet again – even better!