Matthew, Taiwan/California, USA.

Patong Beach, Phuket, at night – the backdrop to our connection.

I have a lot of time for this guy. Matthew was wonderful to speak to. That’s all we did. I was leaving Phuket the next day, he invited me for a walk along the beach at night..

He had such an interesting background, culturally and historically. Taiwanese, raised in Cali if I remember correctly.

Classic appearance of someone who ran away to South East Asia to seek solace in it’s cheap, laid-back womb-like warmth of tropical jungles and beaches. Long hair, minimal clothing, maximum amount of tattoos and a the wheel barrows of peace and love to match – and YES I buy into this, I like it, I hold my hands up.

We were on a waveeeeee man. And I don’t even mean the pun. We spent hours talking about life and where we wanted to end up and how we viewed life in it’s entirety. I appreciated the openness and candid nature of the conversation and I will always remember it.

We wandered back to the hostel he was volunteering at, across the path from the hostel I was staying at. He introduced me to a couple of Thai girls who worked there and we ended up watching a Portuguese horror movie with Thai subtitles…

He even let me try the fruit Guava – it’s not bad, but it’s kinda boring, it didn’t live up to the hype, it was drier than… an apple you dutty human šŸ˜‰

Another sweet sweet soul I met upon my travels. I wish him all the best. šŸ™‚