Paddy, UK.

Who knew I was in the company of a fairly successful Youtube star!? – Who had also attended the same university as me!

Not my usual type, Paddy. BUT I wasn’t looking for a date, I was looking for fun people to go on adventures with. And I hit the jackpot with Paddy.

Originally from London, UK. Residing in Chiang Mai as an international Primary school teacher. He was a fair bit short than me, with a delightful camp flair to his personality. His incredibly loud shirt covered in citrus fruit complimented his tanned skin and brown floppy hair.

He’d just come from work, he did a huge U turn into where I was stood on the side of the busy roads surrounding Chiang Mai’s Old City moat (if you know these roads, you know…) I hopped on the back of his scooter, because if in doubt always jump on the back of stranger’s scooters in a foreign country, it’s just common sense right?

I said, “where are we going?”

He replied, shouting over the rev of his ancient scooter, “Doi Suthep!”

We had met up during a little bit of a storm, the rains were hot and heavy, exploding from the sky in short blasts on and off. I welcomed the rain, it was still hot as hell but the warm rain offered some refreshment on our skin.

Now this was only the second time I had been on the back of a scooter and it’s going to take a very long time for the novelty of riding on a scooter to leave me. It was about an hours ride straight out the city and into the countryside and we started our ascent up the huge mountain where Doi Suthep temple rested.

It. was. un. real. The air was cooler up here, there were barely any other humans (plenty of dogs though) abundant nature, jungle surrounded an actually very well maintain road that snaked all the way to the top.

Paddy was a great man to do this trip with. He had been in Chiang Mai for about 3 years so far and was very knowledgeable. I asked a bunch of questions, he was more than happy to oblige.

I will be writing a post about Doi Suthep at some point, this post is about Paddy.

He let me borrow one of his jackets to cover my shoulders in this holy temple. We stopped at a view point that over looked Chiang Mai (the main picture for this post).

Incredible view. Watching the storm clouds roll over the city, the air was cool and fresh. I could inhale deeply and take in the entire city. Humbled.

What a perfect place to have a great conversation with a human like Paddy.

He is a little older than me, maybe 33 at the time of meeting him? He was much more travelled too. So naturally, I wanted to know everything.

What came from this conversation was a new found confidence within myself to take the path less taken by my friends and family. To not worry “what if” in regards to loosing friends or losing touch with loved ones. We touched on romantic relationships too. He shared stories of his previous relationships ending because his need to travel greatly outweighed staying put for the sake of someone else’s happiness.

It gave me a huge buffet of food for thought. He confirmed my feelings on this topic and helped me realise I was on the right path, for me.

I think I grew a little from this encounter. I found someone who could offer advice and guidance. Thank you Paddy.

Go check him out on Youtube at The Budgeteers!

But the story of Paddy doesn’t end there. We spent time at the temple, which I shall go into more detail about soon. Then night fell, we got back on the scooter and drove all the way back to the city. Did we go quietly and silently in the darkness and rain? Nahh, Paddy loves K-Pop! Lets blast K-Pop music down the side of a mountain as we rush back to the city where we later enjoyed some BANGIN’ Mexican food!