Tara, Ireland.

She is a cutie pie with a fire under her butt. You go girl!

I met Tara on a cramp, sweaty, doorless van that picked us up from our accommodation to take us to the Elephant Sanctuary. I’m not poo poo-ing the transport, it was all like this in Thailand. Not the car or drivers fault the weather was ridiculously hot!

We sat opposite from each other, as we were the first 2 collected, we started talking straight away. I’m from England she is from Ireland. Meh, close enough to bond through similar geography!

She told me she worked in the local council arts industry. But she walked up to her boss one day with the decision to quit the job due to lack of motivation, loss of ummph so to speak! Like, is this it? Is this what life is forever more? They came to the agreement she would not quit, but instead, go take a month off to ‘find’ yourself.

Where else do you find oneself? Thailand, duh!

“I just booked the flight without thinking, here I am! OMG What do I do!”

She exclaimed! But not with fear, perhaps a little nerves, but with pure excitement! And I was livingggg for it!

Her big green eyes grew even bigger, even more sparkly! She was a sweaty mess (we all were) with humidity styled frizzy dark brown hair, pale skin (so Irish) but with this wild, excited, cheeky, energy that surrounded her.

“Take my number Tara, we are gonna have some fun!”

She was absolutely the type of person I wanted to be around. Later that day, after we got back from the Sanctuary, I took her to dinner and on a night out. She had only just arrived in Chiang Mai, whereas, I had been there a while so I took her under my wing and went to all the hip and happenin’ spots in town.

We talked and talked and talked. She told me how she was hitting 30, no idea what she was doing with her life. She told me her love life was all uncertain, dating one guy but not really, but really?

She was a lovely woman, I’ve made it a goal of mine to befriend more females in these situations. When I asked for her number a little part of me was like oh God! She’s gonna think I am hitting on her! (Which would not be a bad thing, but it was not my intentions tehe.)

I adored her wild-eyed expressions when telling me all the things she wanted to do, she was going to go to Pai, go down south get her PADI certificate.

She was life. She was fire. She was light!