How A Buzz Cut Changed My Life

I know what you’re thinking. “Changed my life” – little bit of an exaggeration, calm down.

But I swear it’s true.

I’ve gravitated to short haircuts, pixie cuts, and buzz cuts for YEARS. I remember being a young teen flicking through hair magazines, fixated on the choppy, streaky highlighted pixie cuts (well this was early 2000s – front runner for worst decade in fashion).

But somewhere along the line I was brainwashed into thinking I was a girl therefore, I should have long hair, anything else is ‘other’ and that’s scary, that’s an open invitation for a spot of bullying on the playground.

This definitely didn’t come from my parents, they didn’t care if I took an axe to my hair. My dad often joked about offering me a number 1.

Flash forward to the ages of 15 – 21/22 I was KNOWN for my hair. If you didn’t know my name at school/college you knew me by my hair. It was ticccc, long and usually white blonde or pastel pink. “The girl with pink hair, blue eyes and big tits” That was my description, I later found out.

I would be cat called no end, with my hair often being the focal point. I had boyfriends order me to NOT, EVER. cut my hair, not even a trim.

What the F*ck is everyone’s obsession with MY hair!

A couple years later, I start seeing more and more badass chicks buzzing their hair on social media. Slick Woods, Amber Rose, Adwoa Aboah, Vendela Lindblom, Celine Bernaerts – to name a few unreal women with bold bald heads.

Still, I had to shake that repressing thought of girls should have long hair!

I fell into hair modelling in London, I was scouted in Camden Town, Asked if I was interested in cutting it all off, I said yes, duh, where’s scissors, right here on the street in Camden? Let’s do it!

Admittedly it was only a pixie cut and I don’t think I was mentally ready for it, because I did struggle initially with the shock of my mane disappearing and being left with tufts – having a boyfriend say I was now less attractive really helped – not!

2 years later that had grown out, I thought look at me back to long hair at last! Suffered all the awkward lengths and I am right back to where I was – How old and stale.

Then one day I told my Mum, “We must go to Argos!”

“what for!?”

“Hair clippers!”


It. Was. A. Moment! Not like those videos on Youtube of girls laughing and crying and having a break down as they cut their hair, only to grow it out immediately and cover it up with wigs.

It was cathartic.

I looked at the hair on the floor and the 1cm left on my head. I was freeeeeeeeeeee!

Now, to avoid a long ting post I will summarise the benos I have experienced with having a buzz cut:

  • More free time, hair is always done, no messy bed head, no washing, blow drying, styling.
  • Don’t need to buy any hair products. Saving those dollar dollar bills.
  • Exercising or doing anything active, messy, fun, adventurous is now ten times easier.
  • I am way more confident, outgoing, louder, more annoying, more fabulous – my friends have noticed!
  • I still get people staring at me, but no degrading cat calling, I get genuine, friendly people of all genders, ages, races etc complimenting my buzz

Less Hair = More happy, more life, more time, more peace, more freedom!

Words do not do this feeling justice.

It kinda saddens me when many girls come up to me saying they wish they had the courage to shave their heads. I got my clippers handy if you dare 😉 – it’s only hair!

Photo by Ahmed Carter on Unsplash