Taking A Vacation In A Pandemic

What an absurd thing to do. Have you not heard what is going on!?

Of course I have. This pandemic has created the perfect conditions for my first intentional vacation from work. Just hear me out 🙂

I rarely take time off work. I work most days. I do not request holidays. I never have.

At one point when I was working at a wedding magazine, I was forced to take a week off because I never asked for it. In fact, I don’t even do lunch breaks.

Seems unusual, especially as most people probably know me as the person that has quit more jobs than she has worked, never stays longer than a couple months in a job and refuses to do most types of work available to her.

This was because I refused to settle for a job that did not align with my values and if it didn’t allow me to have autonomy, independence, flexibility and freedom to do what I want, when I want, wear what I want, look how I want etc etc… then SEE YA BYE!

Sounds privileged doesn’t it? Upperty and pompous. Sounds like I lack motivation and drive. Sounds like I am a lazy so and so. Think what you will 🙂

It does not come from a place of entitlement. It comes from a place of self value. I value my mental and physical health, my well being and happiness more than money and status. Enough to be extremely picky with what jobs I apply for.

Now, when I am working in a job that ticks this very lofty list of necessaries then just try to get me to take a break! I dive head first into the work, and will not resurface until I am either forced to by my boss or something comes along that makes a vacation worthwhile and adds a sprinkle of self-actualisation to my life.

There is a darker side to all of this. I work to occupy my monkey mind. It whizzes around 24/7 and it NEEDS to have a task to complete otherwise I risk falling down the rabbit hole of overthinking -Did anyone see that film ‘Alice in Panicland? No. Me neither. If I don’t have something to do I don’t like it, hence why I don’t take time off work. A week of doing little to nothing would drive me insane.

And this is where the delightful pandemic comes in. This pandemic is forcing the world to cancel plans, to stop what they are doing, to live simply and to rein in their thoughts and take it all a day at a time. No one can plan with certainty what they will be doing a week from now never mind a month or a year from now.

This has actually been quite pleasant for me. It has silenced the gibbering monkey mind in my head and created a very peaceful brain. Eckhart Tolle would be proud! I no longer have the option to overthink about the future that is beyond my control at present. I take life day by day during this pandemic as we all are and it is refreshing!

There seems to be more of an emphasis on life admin now that most people are no longer working. The weather is picking up and people have all the time in the world to get their odd jobs done! Finally! Absolutely no excuses now people!

And I have never seen so many joggers on the street! Now that exercise is one of the only legit reasons to leave your house, suddenly every man and his dog are avid joggers. – Worse things could have come of this (and they have).

But I too have succumbed to the idea of harnessing this weirdly quiet, simple life we are currently living. Admittedly my life is fairly unchanged due to the pandemic but there is a renewed sense of acquiring self actualisation, probably due to the whole world slowing down it’s pace and focusing more on their day to day living. I AM INSPIRED!

Slow Living is a term to describe being more mindful with your day and not rushing around like a headless chicken.

And from this realisation the idea of a 1 week vacation was born! Hardly that ground breaking in the grand scheme of things but it’s pretty exciting for me (oh the little things).

I will be spending my week shamelessly doing all the hippy dippy self loving activities you can think of. Yoga, eating well, working out, JOGGING, reading and fasting.

See you on the other side!

**Update: Day 2, can’t do it. Spiralling. I will work half days.**

Photo by Dmitry Kotov on Unsplash