Life: Subject To Change, (Please Read T’s&C’S)

Here I am. Sat in Corona Town. Minding my beeswax. Feeling pretty level. Surrounded by a global Pandemic. And I am surprisingly chill.

The answer to so many people’s questions pinged at me was YES I will travel eventually after this has all blown over. It’s still going ahead. Only a matter of time guys.

Who was I foolin’ ay. Myself, that’s who ha! I am the Queen of chopping and changing my plans. No one takes my ideas seriously not even me. They last about an hour before I have decided on an even bigger and better idea with more pros and less cons than the last! Hang on! In the time it took to write that I have come up with an even BIGGER, BETTER plan. Hear me out. I mean this one, this time.

The thing is, I mean them all. I like them all. In the moment of conception I. Am. A. Genius.

Typically these ideas would be born out of discontent with an aspect of my life. I would dig and dig, spiral down down down to the point I was so far in my own head I turned inside out. It wasn’t nice. But it was a negative experience back then because I didn’t have the means, or I wasn’t in the position to attempt such plans. So I would do the process all over again, leap head first into the rabbit hole that led to misery and more discontent, not a mystical world with fancy fat cats and blazed caterpillars.

Fast forward to now. I still have a billion and one ideas about the direction of my life and what I want to achieve. But these come from a huge sense of freedom and potential. The opportunities are in abundance, I just have to reign in my ideas.

Let’s come back to Corona Town. This period of time is a blessing and curse (depending on your perspective). When has the whole world been given the opportunity to scale back their lives and focus on themselves, there immediate humans and take it day by day? I’m not not acknowledging all the death, stress, financial struggles and mental health breakdowns this is causing but that’s not what this is about.

I had genuinely thought I was hell bent on travelling. I was going to run away and never come back! Once this Coronavirus was gone I’m off!

The issue was never choosing what to do over something else, it was more how can I do everything I want to do in the life time I have. What should I do first and what can be overlapped with each other.

I do have other goals beyond travelling. And this down time has given me the opportunity to question this plan and change it. And change it I did.

Now I am planning to stay in Leeds, UK but still travel in smaller doses. Complete a masters. Save some money, and enjoy the time spent with friends and family. This plan kinda makes some previous posts redundant. But then if read in the correct order there is growth to witness right!?

I’ve come to realise the lone wolf persona I was developing to avoid getting vulnerable with people wasn’t sustainable. But that’s a whooooole other story.

This plan aligns much better with where I am at currently. And I’ve done the math, it’s 17 Pros and 0 Cons 😉

This virus certainly put things in perspective!

But remember kids. It’s all subject to change.

Photo by Pablo García Saldaña on Unsplash