Life’s Empty. Fill It

Did anyone else see the video of Tim Minchin’s graduation speech floating around social media?

One of the best speeches I have ever heard!

A takeaway I got from this, which has been with me for a long time is: Life is empty. Fill it.

To me that made so much sense. I always attempted to be an active participant in my own life. It makes sense right? You can’t sit on the sofa you’re whole life wondering why it isn’t as exciting as other peoples’. You have to actually put the work in to cultivate the life you want.

However it dawned on me I haven’t really been practising what I preach myself. Guilty. Hanging my head in shame.

In this speech, Tim Minchin says it’s probably not a good idea to have one big dream. And I did just this. I was hell bent on travelling. That was my dream. That’s all I wanted to do. I didn’t care about anything else, didn’t want to be ‘dragged’ down by other people. Didn’t want to own things and stuff or do anything that would hinder this DREAM.

And in turn, my life is like a skeleton. The bare bones of an existence. Or at least I was attempting to create this. Now don’t get me wrong, I am generally very happy in life. But I have come to realise I was living for the future dreaming and depriving the present time of anything and everything.

All my money was going towards travelling meaning I had very little money to enjoy the day to day. I wouldn’t pick up hobbies that involved having to buy objects to do the hobby. I wouldn’t be creative because I didn’t want to make things for no reason. I didn’t have plants because what would I do with them when I left? Even the tiny things in life, home decor, equipment, sports equipment, kitchen appliances, cosmetics, etc I only owned the absolute minimum.

And the same was said for my social life, I was lone wolfing and not focusing on the friendships and relationships around me.

Which is absurd now I think about it as I type all this out. I LOVE getting lost in creative projects (you wouldn’t think it to look at me, but I am a sucker for a good cross stitch session.) I LOVE nature and plants. I LOVE spending time with my friends and family and meeting new people. I LOVE cooking, doing sports and other day to day tasks.

I also have a lot of skills I developed as a child/younger adult which I just didn’t see the point in continuing or improving!? And here I am thinking I was all about self-actualisation!?!

It’s about time I told myself off and pulling my dang socks up!

Now that I have done a 180 degree turn and caused severe whiplash deciding to alter my path for the next few years and not travel full time but instead do a masters and stay in the UK and just have holidays. I have realised how much free time and money I have to pursue things in the present.

I meeeeean perhaps I was cultivating in the sense I was making travel more viable to me by living out of one bag and cutting ties to things and people around me. But that no longer serves me. And this is very important.

My aim is not to suddenly buy EVERYTHING! I am still into my minimalist lifestyle. But I aim to fill my life with things that spark joy (yes Marie Kondo).

So off the top of my head, I am considering getting a bicycle because I have recently got into cycling (borrowing my housemates, thanks Louis). I am defo getting some house plants in my next house (end of June). And I said at the beginning of this year to myself I wanted to focus on all the people around me and to be more connected to people. So let’s frigging do it

Dang this Corona lockdown got me redesigning my entire existence.

Photo by Camila Cordeiro on Unsplash