Waiting For A Bus In Lock Town, Coronaville.

Hiyyaaa another blog post flashing up on your screen describing one’s experience visiting Lock Town, Coronaville.

The weathers hotting up, my bleached buzz shimmers in the sun, My housemate’s cooking Greek tomorrow night and I’m expecting to be whisked away to the Island of Lesbos.

I mean, apart from the isolation allowing far too much thinking time, resulting in my life plan changing considerably, I’ve just about recovered from the whiplash of my 180 degree turnaround on plans. I’ve settled into this new life (although I am not accepting it as a permanent norm!)

I’ll admit I’m finding certain accepts rather niggling. Queuing for shops to find it out of stock is rather annoying (but, deep breaths, it is what it isssss).

One of my biggest pet peeves is having to wait. Wait for people. Wait for deliveries. Wait for food to cook, etc. etc.. GETS ON MY NEXT NERVE. Luckily I once used it to my advantage in a job interview when they asked what my weakness was. I said I am incredibly impatient. I want things done yesterday! Boom. Got the job.. (left the job 2 months in because I am not about that Dolly Parton 9-5 BS).

A lot of this lock down is waiting, so my goodness I am being tested. Waiting in queues, Waiting for deliveries. Waiting for my Masters to start. Waiting for this all the endddddd.

I’m probably doing better than a lot of people and I recognise that. I am using this time to my advantage and it has been beneficial. I even bought one of those fitbit thingy’s to see how my health, fitness and sleep is crackalackin’.

Dyou rememeber when people used to go to the pub? Hug each other? Visit people’s homes? Ahhhh man those were the days. I can not wait for that day when the pubs open. We already know which pub were all running to and which one we’ll be staggering out of!

Who knows man. Just thought I’d check in with some random thoughts.

Kiss Kiss.

Photo by Samuel Foster on Unsplash