Tucker, USA

It’s been a whileeeee since I felt compelled to describe a person that has had immense impact on me. And it didn’t seem right to not include Tucker in this series.

I think I’ve known this man for, hmmm, 4-5 years!? Dang.

But it was always only a social media friendship, we kept in regular contact through Facebook and Instagram. A like here, a comment there. You get the picture.

We often would discuss meeting.

He is a 30 something ex American Marine. Who now works as a fire fighter all around the world. So you can imagine meeting up with such an action man is rather difficult.

Until he moved to Spain. Fantastic I thought! He’s so close! A wonderful opportunity.

Now at this point I only knew who he was through what he showed online. He is a deep thinker, very intelligent and switched on. I have always valued his opinions even if I disagreed because they were never dreamed up. He understood both sides of any argument and formed his opinion based off extensive research into the area. I like that.

He truly is a real life action man, he skis, sky dives, climbs mountains, deep sea dives, and every other manly active sport and activity you can think of. I remember him saying no one would offer him life insurance because his life’s too dangerous!

Jump to summer 2018, I fly to Portugal to meet him at Faro Airport. He’s coming by car after sky diving (what?).

Naturally I had my prejudices about what he would be like. I had built up a picture from the information available to me.

He is so much cuter, warmer, calmer, quieter than I imagined! This huge, built, strong American man who has travelled to so many places, done so many things is the biggest slice of humble pie. He’s calm in his manner, deliberate in his actions, he’s softly spoken and never raises his voice. He’s also incredibly silly. He loved trying out an English accent with me and having a giggle.

Completely different to how I assumed he’d be. Yet, absolutely pleasantly surprised.

He’s offered me so much insight and ways to consider things. He’s influenced my way of thinking and my lifestyle more than he will ever know.

We drove around the Algarve, swam in the sea, ate Indian food, then drove 2 hours back to Seville, Spain. I stayed with him for a few days in Seville where he lived. The weather was insanely hot. One evening I offered to cook for him, he went off to a BJJ class (of course) and left me in the city centre to explore and seek out ingredients for the dinner. This might of seemed like a minor thing. But I hadn’t been able to explore places by myself too much prior so to me this was a big deal, out my comfort zone and going on an adventure.

He is a huge foodie, and he loved the food I made.

A month later, we met up in Ireland where we climbed mountains, sea cliffs, ate at more Indian restaurants, flew back to the UK and went to Stonehenge. Again, another great trip that offered me an opportunity to grow up and be more independent.

He now lives in Puerto Rico, left Spain just before it went into lock down.

He is one of my favourite men I have met.

I still send him food pictures regularly 🙂