Arfa, London

I moved to London in June 2018. I was off on an adventure to seek my fame and fortune just like everyone else who flocks to London, only to retreat feeling overwhelmed and filled with anxiety.

But the best thing that came out of my time in London was Arfa.

Arfa was my landlady in East Ham, London (E12 REPRESENT!) I came across her room advert online and she asked to phone me to discuss the room. Oh dang this woman means business, she’s ballsy. I like it.

Her confidence oozed out the phone, I felt a little intimidated, but in a good way, I was curious about what she was like, what she looked like, what she did for a living.

I did a day trip to London to view her house and to meet her in person. As this was her house and she was also living there it was important that she liked her tenants!

I remember it being a gloriously hot day. I got the tube to East Ham and walked to her house, great first impression melting in the heat and out of puff.

We sat in the kitchen and talked for AGES. It was at least a couple of hours if not more!

Let me describe her so you can create a picture in your mind. She has long curly dark/brown/black hair with streaks of silver, a huge smile, a big voice and laugh to match. I believe she said her family was from Mauritius. A proud Muslim woman.

Arfa is one of my favourite woman in the whole world. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have had much good to take away from my time in London.

Arfa has many sides to her. She has an incredible career in the music industry, volunteers and works with the BAME community, woman, and young people in London to name a few things.

When she was in her home, she would float around in kaftans and flip flops, tending to her flowers and vegetable plants. Then when she went to work she would rock double denim, GOLD nike trainers and the biggest gold hoops to match. Who is this rudegyal on the streets but a zen master at home!?

We would spend hours and hours talking about life and everything in-between. Arfa was, and still is a massive inspiration for me.

She would include me in her work and her outings, including a Boiler Room all female live show in the Mayor of London’s office!

Arfa is a fierce Lioness, with a humongous heart and fire in her soul – in fact if you look closely you can see the embers light up her eyes.

I want to thank Arfa for everything she did for me in London and I hope to stay in touch forever more. If I am even half the woman Arfa is one day then I will be very happy!