Forever Alone

I’ve been suspicious of this for sometime now. It’s a thought that has crept up on me and stuck around like a kickin’ fart. But it’s becoming more and more apparent. The older I get, the more I find things I enjoy and the more established I become in my career. I might actually choose to be forever alone and have the bad ass, adventurous, fun life I want.

I can’t even blame Bella De Paulo’s book called ‘Singled Out’ (how being single is a valid and sometimes more suitable and better life choice). Because the idea usually comes to me first and then I seek out the literature and research that backs it up. This idea was no different.

After a string of relationships and dating when I was young and should have been developing myself I decided I would go one year being single because I was concerned I was becoming one of those people that can’t be single.

But then, oopsy, it’s been about two years and counting and BOYYYYY it’s so much more fun!

Occasionally I think, maybe I should date, because everyone else is doing it. I don’t even feel lonely or sad. I only ever consider downloading a dating app because it’s what everyone else does. And as soon as I do it I remember how tediously boring and a waste of time it is. And it only ever reminds me how much more fun and satisfying life is when single.

Don’t get me started on the dating profiles I have come across. “Just looking for someone so I can finally be happy, I am looking to settle, I have already had all my fun and travels. Looking for a woman who can ACTUALLY hold a conversation.” – Are you serious!?

Here come the bulletpoints. Pew Pew.

  • I can live anywhere in the world
  • I can have my own space that is all mine to do as I please
  • I can deal with my own finances how I want
  • I have plenty of other types of relationships with friends and family
  • I don’t want to have to answer to anyone else
  • I can do spontaneous and last minute things without having to ask someone else if it is okay. At the drop of a hat I can be on the next plane outta here!
  • I can focus on other aspects of my life such as career and personal goals, friends and family

These are huge to me. These are very important. And the older i get the more I realise this.

We’re always led to believe that coupling up is the end goal and that your significant other must be your everything. But stats show more and more people are single and loving it.

We don’t need to be with someone to feel complete. I know that now! Woo! Like, I as I am typing this now, I am getting all those happy butterflies in my belly and feeling all giddy – it’s such an exciting thought that my life is laid out for me to do exactly as I please and I don’t have any pressures to find someone to get stuck to and to grow to resent but then stick with them because hey! that’s what humans do!

Photo by Max Andrey on Unsplash