Me and Action Man in Ireland

Another whirl wind spontaneous trip to another country where I met up with the American Action Man Tucker.

He said he wanted to go to Ireland. I said I have spare time and spare money. Let’s blow both.

12 beans to fly from Leeds, UK to Dublin. The flight was meant to take an hour. It took 40 minutes. We literally took off and landed again. To think people actually take this flight as a daily/weekly commute! There was no time to even snack on my snacks or take off my seat belt once we were in the air.

My flight was about 5 hours before Tucker’s from Seville to Dublin. I got to Dublin painfully early in the morning it was foggy and fresh. It was like England but slightly weirder.

The subtle differences between Ireland and England were so odd. I would forget I was in Dublin until something very un-Englandy presented itself. Like the way Primark stores are Penny’s in Ireland. Although I found Dublin to feel like Berlin to me.

I was half asleep in a strange city. Breakfast was on my mind. I hunted for a vegan breakfast place. I couldn’t find any of the typical spots around in Ireland. You know, like an overpriced Pret or a 100 pound a coffee Starbucks. I found a little vegan breakfast buffet place inside a health food store. Definitely one of the best bought breakfasts ever. Or I was just mega hungry.

I went back to the airport to find Tucker, we hired a car and drove along the West coast, Cliffs of Moher, Killarney, Devils Ladder, you name it, we scrambed it, we hiked it, we climbed it.

We drove for hours and hours listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast. Google Maps open on my phone showing points of interest. Any castle, ruin, mound in the ground we pulled over to explore. Tucker was amazed at how green Ireland and the UK is, he was shocked at the over grown luscious green foliage that surrounded the country roads on both Islands.

We stayed in B&B’s and ate out in Indian restaurants. The B&B’s were shockingly dated, dollies for days and hideous floral chairs for grannies. But the ‘continental’ breakfast was always a hoot in the morning! If you’re into dry cereal and bread with tinned fruit to wash it down.

“No matter what country you’re in, you can’t go wrong with an Indian restaurant!” – Tucker

He’s right. Till you get the shits. Then he’s wrong. But that might of been the whole bag of prunes I snacked on. My Bad.

Tuck Tuck

Perhaps I will expand on these posts 🙂