An Open Letter To ITutorgroup

Dear Itutorgroup,

Pass the salt shaker. Pass the ready salted crisps. Let’s go to Salt Lake City.

Itutorgroup. TutorABC. TutorJR. Or whatever name you are operating under, You done wrong.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language, online from anywhere, from the comfort of your own home to any Instagrammable travel destination you can think of. Providing there’s stable Wifi. A pay rise every 1000 hours worked. Unlimited potential bonuses. Sounds too good to be true right!?

Well. Turns out. It is too good to be true. Or at least you get all these things (maybe, if you’re a good little robot) with a huge asterisk dumped after their selling spiel************

I’d heard the truly terrible stories and read the 1 star reviews about Itutorgroup. Sure, it made me wary but the chance to work remotely was more important. I could put up with a few language barrier issues or an empty schedule every now and then.

But during my time with Itutorgroup it has been a roller coaster of stress, uncertainty, unnecessary tasks and stealing of wages. But I was a fool! I was so keen on the whole digital nomad gig I allowed so much Billy Bullshit to fly my way from this company.

I worked for well under minimum wage, having to work everyday to make ends meet.

I worked hard for promotions that didn’t happen when promised.

I did ANOTHER TEFL qualification because the one I had (which was better than the one they made me do) was apparently no good. Despite letting me teach for over 6 months prior to this request.

I had to submit all my very sensitive information to a company I had never heard of for a background check whereby apparently a DBS wasn’t going to cut it.

Their panic inducing emails with the subject line saying “We Invite you…” Which trust me, an “invitation” from Itutorgroup does NOT mean what you think it means. It’s a threat email stating something obsurd that is happening such as a pay cut or a re-uploading of your credentials for the millionth time because the supposed Ministry of Education in China told us to re-upload. Oh and if you don’t comply you will be fired.

Every month it was something more ridiculous to comply with but I hung in their because I adored the job for the most part.

They would begin their dreaded emails with “Dear Valued Consultant”

“We invite you to have a pay cut so drastic you are on way below minimum wage and have no choice but to work every. single. day. And even then you’ll barely scrape it. We are doing this because we value you so much. But look on the bright side! You don’t have to pay tax because you earn so little! Because, remember, you are so very very valued.”

Itutorgroup has no face, it has no HR department or anyone you can go to when you are stuck. They very rarely reply to your emails as that is the only form of contact you can have.

The cherry on the top was when I found out all the sign up bonuses thousands of teachers had received where an error on their part and took them all away. We all lost most of our wage for May 2020 because a clerical error on their part. Did they allow us to keep it because they had goofed up? No, we got the invite to have it all taken away. Cheers Itutorgroup!

That was the last straw. I wish we were not in a pandemic because I’d of quit that day and jumped on a trusty bar job later that night. But unfortunately that isn’t an option. But I search for jobs everyday just in case!

The saddest part is, all this that has happened is not unique to me. Most teachers suffer through all this. I feel real bad for the teachers with financial commitments and families to support!

I was umming and arrhing about whether to continue this job or to go into a physical classroom in September 2020. But Itutorgroup you made it so easy to decide that’s one good thing you did 🙂

Itutorgroup you have a VERY long way to becoming a decent company.

Photo by Etty Fidele on Unsplash