CBD: The Hype Is Real

One of my favourite tunes. Seemed fitting. Play and read. Tehe.

That 0.2 THC in the CBD bud will suffice.

I’ve always been interested in Cannabis/Weed as a holistic drug, as an alternative to alcohol. I’ve never smoked it, only eaten it.

I always eat too much, because the baked goods are just too damn tasty and my chronic addiction to sugar and my inability to control myself results in some seriously high highs. I’ve had times where I thought I was sun bathing in Africa with giraffe but I was just sitting in my kitchen. Other times I thought my housemate had gone into another universe and I was mad because he’d left the oven on before he left. It’s fun but its dicey. I don’t really want that every time I want to use it you know? Save the hallucinations for the weekend.

But along came Mary Jane’s mellow, chilled out cousin Hempalina. She’s a babe! She’s a MEGA babe.

Now I’m no stranger to a rocky mental health situation. Up. Down. Happy. Sad. Over thinking. Anxious. Worried… blah blah. And here is CBD, come to save the day!

I started ingesting the oil and I did notice a subtle chillness that was sustained throughout the day. I knew it was good when I had a nap, which usually ends up in me waking up feeling immense doom for no reason, but this didn’t happen!

But vaping the flower is the best in terms of bio-availability according to the Googles. And dang I think it might be right! A dry herb vaporiser and some CBD flowers and next stop chillville.

I have finally admitted that lockdown during Coronnies is bothering me. I have done another 180 with thee old life plans, pulled out of a masters and about to quit my job because it’s screwed me over for the last time! So as you can imagine things are a little wobbly. So Miss CBD couldn’t have come at a better time – well I mean I sought after her BECAUSE of this time. But it’s more poetic this way.

I’ve been really chilled and relaxed, and there’s no longer a sense of being hyper vigilant and on edge and always thinking what can I do to be productive! I’ve been having the best sleeps ever too! No more laying awake for hours thinking about nonsense.

I highly (get it hehe) recommend CBD to anyone and everyone. I hear it even helps with skin issues as well as mental and physical health on the inside. And that chance of a bad side effect or overdose is near impossible.

Interested to see how I am in a few weeks!