Snake Symbols, Dreamscapes and New BEGINNINGS

I’m a big believer in dreams having meanings. Your subconscious being unlocked as we drift off to the Land of Nod. Symbols and images being projected inside our heads like a twisted, obscure cinema of your inner most deepest (dirtiest) thoughts that not even your conscious self is going to allow you to access.

Freud had a field day when it came to dreams. Anything and everything was either a male organ or a female organ and it was all because you fancied your opposite sex parent.

I have ridiculously vivid, memorable and some times repetitive dreams. Sometimes horrific nightmares, others can only be described like a Salvador Dali paintings.

I usually remember all/most of my dreams when I wake up, and I’ve gotten into the habit of researching the symbols and story lines that stand out the most.

A classic dream I have often is I am trying to escape from someone, trying to lose someone in a crowd or quietly sneak out the house and never return. This is definitely due to my traumatic past. It’s quite black and white.

I was going to write about how excited I am, because in a couple days I am moving house. I am a huge fan of moving house I really enjoy the process, the decluttering and organising. The sense of new, the excitement of being in a new fresh space, a blank canvas without any memories yet to be filled.

I’m only moving literally 5 minutes walk down the road from one house share to the next, but it’s a lovely room and I intend to fill it with plants and artwork.

These two points are linked, I promise – or at least I am marrying them up. I have had two dreams about snakes in a couple weeks. Upon research a snake in your dreams can mean many different things in depends on the details of the dream. Both dreams have had multiple snakes that have not attacked me, they just sit there chilling, and I am not afraid. Some research suggests as snakes shed their skin, their symbolism is of renewal, restart, refresh, new beginnings – I’m moving house!

At least that’s my take on it!

Photo by Zach Savinar on Unsplash