Plants, Drag Queens & Takeaways – My New Home

Little bit of radio silence on my end recently. I’ve been consumed by a house move. It wasn’t a mammoth task by any stretch of the imagination. Come the day of the move I hoovered my old, empty room, ready for Kershaw to move in. The boys and I carried my belongings down the road in 2 trips and Bob’s your uncle!

But it takes a week or so to suss the house out, to unpack and arrange your new room. To settle into a new space, learn it’s quirks. To see how the sun rises and sinks through the windows. To be welcomed into a house of 4 new people, get to know them and to acquaint yourself with the social dynamics and to slot yourself in with out causing to many ripples.

Before moving in I hadn’t actually seen the house in person, only videos and pictures due to the Pandemic. But I was busily day dreaming how I was going to decorate my new room and make it a joyous space to be in. Especially as I had created a bare bones bedroom in the last house due to travelling.

I always wanted an urban jungle. Hundreds of indoor plants surrounding the space. I am now proud plant mum to 14 (and counting!) plants. It’s a lil dream come true. Thank you Pinterest for inspiring the trend. My bedroom is kind of a dream room for me. I adore huge bay windows and I have a massive one that lets in so much light (too much when trying to sleep urgh) but it’s beautiful and the plants love it! It’s even got a window seat you can lay on!

The only downside is the room gets mega hot. It’s the perfect green house for all my green babies. But I wake up shrivelled like a raisin, gasping for water whilst getting cooked in the sun rays – with the blinds shut! But I wouldn’t change it for the world, especially after shivering in a dingy attic for a year in the last house. Baby lemme upgrade you!

My new housemates are interesting and we seem to have a lot in common. Things I didn’t have in common with my last house I have found we are all big fans of in this one! Plenty of binging Rupaul’s Drag Race and eating takeaways!

Although, the takeaways have been nipped in the fat jiggly bud and we’ve decided on having an 8 week fitness challenge between us! Now that’s a competition I can get into! We’re all gonna get shredded Wheated!

I feel content. happy, excited, grown up in this new space of mine 🙂