What You Fear Is What You Desire…

So I’m sitting at my desk fake working. Watching Netflix and Youtube cycling between windows to maintain amusement whilst I wait for a class to fall into my lap.

The Minimalists are one of my favourite duos for content online, mainly Youtube. They do a podcast which I highly recommend to everyone. It’s isn’t always about how many belongings you can shed before you hit oneness with the universe don’t worry.

Peter Rollins was a guest on their podcast about fear.

He said,

WHat you fear, is what you desire

(or to that affect.)

And boyyyy did that get my cogs going. I’ve been reading up on this idea. That we have an internal compass that attempts to guide us in the right direction.

Put simply, the reason why you fear something so much is because you actually desire it. The fear comes from knowing deep down how high the stakes are if you were to actually attempt making that dream come true. And it is so deeply and subconsciously desired that it invokes such a strong reaction both emotionally and physically. For example, the idea of moving countries – can be super scary. But if you’re obsessing over that idea thinking oh how scary that would be… then clearly there’s a desire to give it a go.

This links well to the whole doing things outside of your comfort zone. Doing things that scare you. Builds confidence and self esteem.

Do you want to live in fear and live a mediocre, safe life whereby you might never reach your TRUE full potential. Or do you want to have a think about what you fear and unpick from that what you desire out of life?

Food for Thought.


Photo by Doran Erickson on Unsplash