My House Plants Helped Me Grow My Own Roots

I have always loved house plants. I grew up in a house with lots of plants around the house and in the garden. The house plant trend all over Instagram and Pinterest only furthered my interest.

I denied myself the joy of house plants for years. Because I wanted to be as minimal and mobile as possible. I wanted to have zero responsibilities, no ties to any one place, and to be able to up and leave with a bag on my back.

Even a plant was too much responsibility and commitment I thought.

When Covid 19 hit, I was forced to stay in the same city for at least another year. I found, what actually is my dream bedroom. I have always loveddddd big, bright bay windows. My room has a huge square bay window with a window seat. The room is warmed by the sun throughout the day and the light shines through from the early hours onwards.


I also noticed curtain rail hooks screwed into the wall above the bay windows.

I had decided this room was going to be different to my other rooms. I was going to allow myself to spend the time and money turning it into a lovely space I can relax and spend time in.

I have Devil’s Ivy and Spider plants in macrame baskets hanging from every hook. My Mum gifted me a cutting from my Grandfather’s rubber plant, now all the Grand kids have a cutting.

I have tropical plants around my bed, Aloe Vera and an African Milk Tree on my window sill. The family is growing and thriving, I see new shoots daily and it warms my heart.

I never thought it would be plants that would give me a sense of peace and calm and a feeling of being settled into a space. I mean, we all know plants are chill and relaxing but nothing has made me picture a happy future in the same place long term.

I get excited about watering them, I check on them daily. I tippy toe around the window seat and gently tend to all my boysss.

We’re 18 strong. Looking forward to adopting 18 more!

Photo by Belle Hunt on Unsplash