Inducing The Ghost

I’ve been on several dates/began speaking with several guys. And it’s been a disappointment after disappointment.

Most if not all, (because I am still yet to meet one) have disappeared off the face of the earth. Why do people have no common decency to just say, hey look I’m not interested enough to take the time to hang out.

But it got me thinking.

I sit with my feelings on this matter. And I’m not mad or sad that I am missing out on a potential relationship. I don’t feel heart broken about what could have been etc etc. Sure, I’m annoyed they can’t just say what’s up and then move on. That is just basic human niceness.

But all I can think of is, lets get through this roster of guys I seem to have accumulated, go on the date, because then they’ll leave me alone. Am I somehow, subconsciously encouraging these guys to ghost because deep down I don’t want to be in a relationship?

I know that when I meet someone nice, who doesn’t treat me like poop I get scared and run away, because that means there’s no inevitable ending of that dating situation. It could potentially mean a real relationship. Eeek!

It’s classic bad boy dating because you know they’ll treat you badly and due to past trauma that’s all you’ve ever known so you just accept that as the norm. Love it.

Photo by Rostyslav Savchyn on Unsplash