New Job, Dinner Parties, Smart Shoes & Boys

Ya girl got a new job!! Talk about throwing things out into the universe. That boomerang of fate whipping its way right back into my face.

Macy Gray you were right, dreams do come true!

It’s not my dream job per se. But it could turn into that. It’s a contributing factor in cultivating the dream life. It was another stepping stone towards the career and lifestyle I envision for myself.

Hopefully this job will be everything my current online teaching job lacks. I will be in a school with staff and students, a community I can join and progress in. Develop relationships and friendships with my colleagues and students and watch them grow.

I write this, just after the phone call confirming my start date. I am about to do 2 pathetic hours of work (I am currently ill, not corona I promise).

Later tonight I am to be wined and dined with my housemates. One housemate had sneakily and creepily posted menus at our bedroom doors the other night. Come Dine With Me style.

I’ve been ordered to dress nice. Like I don’t already? I don’t. I’m not allowed to wear my tracksuit or hoody or sweat pants and sliders. What the hell. Is my company not enough!? I know the pressures on and I will be judged. It makes me stubborn. I don’t want to dress smart now that I have been told to. But maybe I should grow up?

Talking about smart clothes. I need to create a capsule wardrobe of smart clothes for my job! How exciting! If not financially anxiety inducing. I have some ideas. We’ll see what happens, I have a few weeks to sort it out.

I’ve been having some dating drama of late and I am V tired of it all. However, 3 potential candidates who seem un-phased by my madness seem to be persevering. Now that I seem to be settling a little bit more, I may test the waters.

Signing off. x

Photo by Zach Reiner on Unsplash