Hometown Resets

After Thursday night’s dinner party with the house, I felt compelled to visit Nottingham and the family. It may or may not have something to do with things that happened after the dinner party.. Which we won’t discuss. Tehe. All I’m saying is, nothing bad happened. Not much happened. But if you knew the house dynamics. Then you’d understand.

Wine was drunk, I distinctly remember heavily judging the way the crumble was being made. I do feel bad for that. But who bakes the top of the crumble separately to the fruit? and who cooks the crumble 20 minutes before it is served? But it did taste fabulous I will admit. But everything does when you’re a bottle of wine deep and it was covered in vegan ice-cream.

The next day…

Travelling is a whole other pain in the butt with the social distancing. Hurrying for trains whilst wearing a mask, almost passing out – and I’m fairly able bodied! So stuffy and trapped on the train, I sneakily let my nose pop out for some luscious oxygen rich train air. Delicious.

Seeing the family is always fun, and it’s like a little reset. After which I can return to Leeds renewed and ready to kick butts. Especially as this new job is fast approaching. I have to get back to Leeds soon, I ordered a heck tonne of new work clothes. I say a tonne, I was actually very selective in creating a work wear capsule wardrobe to keep separate from my main wardrobe (not hard, my main wardrobe is garish, loud, slouchy and wildly inappropriate.)

Black velvet Creepers, black cigarette trousers, long black socks (to hide the tattoos) and oversized shirts in grown-up neutral colours such as ‘Stone’ and ‘Sage’ – urgh who am I?

Snake skin and patent leather on the weekends. Off white linen and black trousers in the week. I’m living two lives. Gone are the days where I’d wear sweatpants at work. Sad.

Photo by me! (or Mum?)