Creative Dilemmas

I find a creative outlet so important. This is something I have been working on for some time now. I have so many issues around being creative. Which just sounds the complete opposite of being creative right?!

I didn’t pick GCSE art class at school and was told off, but I couldn’t see how year after year each class drawing literally the same pictures was art? And how on earth do I get a grade for my art… is it not subjective!?

I struggle with the idea of creating pieces of art and then having them fill up my space with no where to go. Sell them! You scream. No, because I have learned from past attempts, turning a hobby into a job, tends to ruin the hobby for me.

So the digital age comes along and creative technology is pretty darn good. So I recently bought a drawing tablet. Which is fantastic, I can combine my stronger love for graphic/digital art with a pen and ‘paper’ that never runs out and doesn’t build up in my room. All saved away neatly on my laptop. Perfect.

Social Media. Great. Platforms I dislike personally but even I can see the advantage these platforms have for artists and getting their work out there. Do I want to subject myself to the all that again in order to put my art out there!?

Not even to mention how critical I am of my own work. Is it even worth trying?

I know, I know, draw because you enjoy it, it’s a hobby, no one needs to see/know. Unfortunately I need a purpose outside of myself to do things like drawing. If someone asks me to create a logo or an entire marketing campaign then I’m your gal. But tell me to draw for the sake of it? eeeek no.

This blog and writing for the ‘sake of it’ is enough stress!

Do you SEE the dilemma that plagues me?

But, I will probably still give it a go eventually. Because I’m a take a leap kinda frog.

Photo by gustavo centurion on Unsplash