Minimalism ~ My Work Wear Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve done it.

I’ve conquered my work wear fears.

I’ve overcome my hatred for smart clothes.

It’s beautiful.

I heard I got the job. I was going into a school. And I needed to dress smart.

I have no smart clothes, my lifestyle and style do not require smart clothes. In fact I find them grotesque. Tight, ill-fitting swishy sweaty fabric, rigid and gross. Easily stained and creased. White, black, grey and navy blue are the standard. School trouser realness. With black shoes that give all mighty blisters to match.

It ruins my moral. Clothes like that make me feel disgusting, hideous, uncomfortable.

I’d been scarred from past traumas wearing smart clothes. Working in London, for a company that liked smart business attire. I went into the interview, purple hair, tattoos, piercings. They knew what they were getting. But everyday they slowly tried to break me down, just dye your hair please, just remove your piercings please, just hide your tattoos please.

Why did you hire me in the first place!?

Smart clothes do not make me feel good. I do not feel like a boss or empowered.

Until I defined what smart clothes I felt good in. They were smart, but need an edge. They need to be interesting, with some flare or style. Not your bog standard “I work at a bank” blazer with an “I work for the NHS” chiffon shirt.

I have created a work wear capsule wardrobe where everything goes together, it’s like a uniform which will make getting dressed a quick and painless, yet chic (we hope) task.

I’ve gone for six oversized, unisex shirts. I LOVE oversized clothes, I am at my comfiest and most confident when drowning in fabric. Younger me would have gone for bold, bright colours and regretted it. But smarter, older Josie went for neutrals. Stone, Ivory, White, Sand, Sage. 50 shades of naturals.

Three pairs of black smart trousers, one pair tight fitting, another, a baggier chino, and the final pair somewhere in between.

And the most amazing pair of black velvet vegan creepers

The perfect uniform that screams me. I couldn’t be more pleased with myself.

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash