Stop Disappearing and Show Up!

September 2nd 2020. That was my last post on this blog. Nearly 2 months. Not the end of the world in the grand scheme of things but it weighs on me.

It’s like all those Youtubers say, when they have a break then the break becomes 3 weeks longer than planned, then they are questioning why they even bother to create. But you’ve got to just open your laptop and make the first step. Keep showing up for your hobbies and interests to show up for yourself.

I wanted to commit to this blog. It was part of my big plan of spending the next year or so laying down roots, committing to things, plans, people, hobbies, fitness routines etc etc… And I’m back! (again) (and then again in another few months)

There’s a fair bit to lay down in the upcoming posts. It’s been that long.

Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash