I’ve Found My Purpose

I mentioned in a previous post about finding a job in a school. I was moving on to bigger and better challenges, a real school with real students and staff. I would become part of a community and do a rewarding, interesting and fun job.

I have been working at a school for Autistic children for 8 weeks now. I. LOVE. IT.

It’s exactly what I wanted. I set my intentions right and boyyyy did they deliver. I practically jump out of bed on a Monday morning.

The job is extremely challenging. Dealing with a classroom of Autistic teenage children is quite a tricky situation but the school is very supportive and the staff work well together. I slotted in just fineeeeee.

It’s been so rewarding working with the children and even in just 8 weeks noticing how they have developed and grown.

It’s so lovely to be around lots of people again rather than just sat in my room alone every day. There’s a real sense of community within the school.

One staff member who started after me, thought I’d been at the school for years because of how easy I made it look.

But in all seriousness. I adore this job and can’t wait to really get stuck in!

I am currently agency staff, meaning I am not permanently a staff member, but fingers crossed they ask me to stay!

Photo by Renan Kamikoga on Unsplash