Sim Simma Who Got the Keys To My Bimmer?!

Ya girl got a whipppppp!

(with the help of my mama ~ thank you thank you)

Cruisin’ down the street in ma 64!

Not quite a 64, cruising the streets of Compton, CA. BUT, instead a lil black Kia bombin’ about the streets of Leeds.

I never wanted a car until I could justify the cost of running one. My new job is 1 hours walk away which was meaning I had to get up early and walk in the rain to work every morning and then walk back home in the rain. (It was always raining!?)

I took the plunge and got a bimmmaa. And it has changed my life ahah.

I feel a great sense of freedom and independence with this car. I can go wherever I like whenever I like. I am not restricted to expensive and unreliable public transport. I no longer have to walk miles in the rain, sleet and snow.

It’s doing wonders for my need to control my situation. Not having to wait for a train, bus, taxi is giving my mental health a massive boost.

I now have access to the great outdoors, I can go for walks, go to the beach, go home and see my family (coronavirus depending).

It’s saved me 50 minutes of commute time to work, and allowed me to get to a gym I love in less time making it more viable. I can food shop without worrying if I can carry it all home, and I can go for late night cruises with the boyysssss.

Photo by Johannes Krupinski on Unsplash