The Ultimate Challenge ~ Sugar Free For 30 Days

I hate sweets. Like candy. Straight sugar. Gummies. That kind of thing.

But I loveee cakes, chocolates, biscuits, sugary condiments drowning savoury food, syrup on porridge.

Or at least I would say I ‘loved’ them. Maybe about 6 years ago I blindly thought I ‘loved’ sugar. When I was a fatty, eating an entire tub of ice-cream and a whole cake pretty much every night. That chapter of my life was abusive and traumatic, I sought comfort and distraction in those sweet treats.

Years later, obsessing over health and nutrition, discovering veganism, fitness, portion control and feeling tonnes healthier, stronger, overall better, the sugar was still there, just not as much.

Last few years, I wouldn’t even say I loved it. Sure it lit up my dopamine receptors like Christmas lights. Ding ding ding! Ping! Waaaahoooo that hit the spot! More please. Again please. Guilt please.

Hit that button again please. Give me my daily hit. What?! I earned it. I deseeeerve this glucose spike in my bloodstream.

Like a rat in a lab. Every. Single. Day. Only my red button was the shop near my house. The habitual routine of putting on my shoes and coat and running to the store for my daily chocolate and biscuits and Oh! that cake is on offer, oh! That cheesecake is on offer.

Becoming Vegan almost 6 years ago saved me from most of this. But since then we’ve veganised all the junk – which defeats the purpose! (or at least 1 out of 3 purposes for going vegan, the planet, the animals, and you)

Oh great! Now I can succumb to the vegan delights that are just as bad for me aaand just as quick to get you moving to Diabetes City.

Where is Mr Will Power when you need him!? I ate this because I thought I wanted it, I thought I loved it. But the desire to treat my body with respect and be the healthiest I can be greatly outweighed the enjoyment of this food.

But it’s a drug. I’ve read studies. I’ve seen horrifying documentaries showing you what it does to you long term. Yet I still hit that dang button!

I knew I needed extrinsic incentives and motivation that would make Mr Will Power show up at my door. I discovered a charity fundraising page where you would go 30 days no sugar to raise money for Cancer research.

Fantastic! I knew that having friends and families’ money on the line was the perfect incentive for me to go sugar free for 30 days.

Here’s what has happened so far: (6 days from the finish line)

  • Easier than I thought. I thought I would be scratching at the walls. Pleading to give up. I thought I wouldn’t last a single day. I thought I would be thinking about it 24/7. But it was been an absolute breeze. Sure, I have been focusing on it in the supermarket, realising how many products have sugar in. Having to make my own alternatives (which has been fun!) But on the whole, it has been very simple and I put that down to the extrinsic motivation.
  • No cravings. I thought I’d be day dreaming about chocolate and cake all the time but by this point I have not really thought about it. And now, I am really disinterested in that kind of food. I no longer salivate at the thought, I find myself scrunching my nose up at the idea of sweet food.
  • No negative effects. I was worried I would be really tired with headaches and be in a terrible mood, at least for the first week. But nothing! I have been feeling a little tired but I put that mainly down to a new very intense job. But I have felt exactly the same! Which in a way is good, but kinda bad, I was hoping for some amazing positive effects instead like weight loss, glowing skin, that kinda thing haha.
  • Craving savoury breakfasts!? I used to hate the idea of a savoury breakfast. How can you start your day so wrong!? But now I am positively drooling at the idea of baked tofu, tomatoes and avocado.
  • I worried I was switching to salt. Because of the lack of sweet food in my diet I felt like I was consuming more salt. I wasn’t adding any more than usual and I hadn’t started buying salty snacks. But the lack of sweet just made it feel like I was consuming more salt.
  • I want to continue! Everyone around me who knows what I am doing are asking me what am I going to ‘celebrate’ my successful completion of the 30 days with. What chocolate are you going to gorge on after you have finished!?! But that is not my goal. I am not going to undo all my efforts and all this good work to just regressed back into a guilty chocolate eating addict on the fast train to diabetes. Initially I didn’t considered what would happen after, but that was because I didn’t think I would make it. But I see the end in sight and it’s not the end it’s the beginning (hehe puke). It will be interesting to see the long term effects of this. Combined with going to the gym nowadays (although currently in self isolation -_-).

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash