Here’s To An Awkward & Tufty Couple Of Years

I keep dreaming of hair. Hair grown from my head, sometimes a few inches, sometimes longggg and flowing.

Google said dreaming of long hair signifies strength, physical and spiritual. It also means prosperity and good health. Yaas. Give me all the good vibes during this national lockdown and self isolation. According to my dream it doesn’t get much better than this.

Another dream I had, I was at Will Smith’s birthday party with hundreds of cakes. Don’t know what the ancient scripts can tell me about that. I can safely assume I watched too much Great British Bake-Off right before bed.

Another, and more likely interpretation of my hairy dreams is simply I am strongly considering growing out my buzz cut.

Shock AND horror! Who knew this day would come !?

There’s been about 5000 times before I have said I am gonna try and grow it out. So what makes this time so special!?

I’m a big believer in gut instincts and feelings. When I FEEL a decision rather than THINK it, I know it to be true and right. (Going on like I’m blessed and highly favoured). Countless times I have toyed with the idea of growing my hair out. Fearing the ugly awkward years ahead of horrible tufty hair. Dreading the comments and the new hair routines in the morning that will change as my hair gets an inch longer. But I’m feeling the change now. It might be time. MIGHT.

Looking forward to next months post about how I just LOVE the cathartic shaving of my head. There’s just nothing like it kids.

But it’s the strongest urge yet in the almost 2 years of a baldy bald head. Let’s see where it takes us. (Lockdown will test me, not being able to go to a barber.)

Photo by Kasia Serbin on Unsplash