Self Isolation Day: 6

What year is it!? Are we still on Earth!? Has the human race survived!?

Oh, it’s only day 6 of our self isolation here at Casa Del Teach. My house full of educators. Slowly deteriorating in their rooms. The tensions are risingggggg!

I’m staying out of it though. None of my business. I moved into this house where these had lived for 2 years prior. The friendships had broken and snidey, sneaky comments were being thrown about long before I joined. I’m practically Switzerland in this situation.

It’s not THAAAT bad. But the two who met Mrs Rona stay in their attic bedroom. Trapped with limited space. Nothing much to do. And only themselves for company. Fun.

I can see why the paranoia has begun. One of them off loads to another housemate about how she thinks we’re all making fun of her and having a jolly time without her.

Really? We’re all stuck in our rooms, same as you.

I get it. Being locked away would be horrible, I’d hate it too. But you’ve got to not take it so personally. Sure it would suck and if (or when) I am in that situation I would really struggle too but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna be a nob to everyone.

I’m taking self isolation okay, I was really upset about not going to the gym as I had just got a sweet routine down. But I get comfort knowing that the whole country will be in lockdown in a few days and no one will be going to the gym. No more gains for anyone!

The online orders of CBD and a hand and poke tattooing kit having nothing to do with my mental state during this time. I swear…

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash