Good Job I still Work For China hey!?

National lockdown AGAIN. Buckle up kids were in for another month (plus) of over indulging, drinking, mental health deterioration, no money and businesses going bust.

I’m not against the lockdowns. But they’re just really hard for everyone. I’ve got friends who have still been left hanging, unemployed from the last lockdown.

I’m soooo glad I wasn’t too hasty in quitting my online teaching job when I got a job in a school. As much as I was really eager to say “EFF Youuu, I’m outta here!” to it all. To tear down the backdrop that imposed itself in my bedroom. To repurpose my desk and tidy away all my little teaching aids.

But something inside me said, no. Hold your horses, you may need this job as a back up. Thank you gut, you did it again! You saved me!

It took me a while after 2 months of not teaching online to face it all again. I dreaded going back into it. But it was necessary.

Now, I have got back into the swing of things. I began actually teaching one hour before school work. Then I would work in any school holidays. And now, I work when I am having to self isolate. As I don’t get paid in the school holidays or isolation periods (yet).

The idea was, (pre second lockdown) to teach in the mornings and at the weekend to boost my income and theoretically start saving some serious beanage. But for now, it’s a job that is keeping me afloat – as much as I am tired of it. I am grateful.

I can’t be too salty over the job, I am in a better position than some and I know this. The online teaching job fits around any other job very well and is very flexible.

Stay calm, stay chill, find some hobbies. It’ll blow over one day, kids.

Photo by Sean Foley on Unsplash