A 3rd Job Won’t Hurt. Will It?!

So I’ve got the best job ever at a school. Problem is I am agency staff meaning I don’t get paid in school holidays. That’s where the online teaching fills the gap. However, that isn’t so reliable plus I don’t really enjoy it anymore.

It works realllllyyy well doing an hour or 2 online teaching before work. But I dread the weekends when I have booked on to 12-14 hours of online teaching.

I have been looking into care work, now that I have a car I am pretty employable in that field.

My previous therapist once said I was very analytical. Weighing up the pros and cons of each decision I make. Emotion rarely coming into it.

I’m thinking to myself a 3rd job temporarily, whilst were going in and out of lockdowns and there’s little to no chance of a social life anyway – seems perfect? right??

I’ve always been pretty good at juggling things, knowing what to let go of and what is priority.

On one hand, I would probably prefer the care work over the teaching online as I get to drive around and interact with lots of people. Tax is sorted and I’d get a pension. Downside is 28 days holiday. Which is a problem for me. I don’t consider it enough. But I guess if I only work weekends that spreads quite far? Is that even how it works? I don’t even know ha!

Orrrrrr stick to the online teaching, book my entire life up, only to cancel it all last minute and have my wages deducted (which is the circle I am in currently).

Much to think about.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash