CBD: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

It was probably discovered looong before sliced bread. In-fact you can probably get sliced CBD infused bread. Bread. Brea. shush.

This is an update of my use of CBD. I will admit now, I have not re-read what I wrote about it in my previous post. Because I can’t be bothered. I think we can all see my posts are lazy, full of typos, ridiculously short word vomits. Written at speed without a care in the 5 minutes I have between lessons I teach. I am not the next digital Shakespeare. And I’m cool with that.

I graduated from CBD oil eating to dry bud vapin’ son! and BOOOOOYYYYYY. Top notch. HIGHly recommend (double joke.) I don’t use it everyday. Or every other day. Or even once a week. Because vaping has instant effects on your system, I only use it in great times of need.

For example whenever I feel very anxious about something. So the news that I was going into self isolation is a recent example.

I do really enjoy buying and trying different strains, there are satvia and indica CBD strains, different strengths, flavours etc etc. I have quite the collection set up. I once dreamed I had a spice rack with all the different CBD strains.

“Tell me your problems dear I have the perfect strain for you to sprinkle in your food.”

“No that is not Oregano, it’s AK 47”.

Photo by Next Green Wave on Unsplash