Good Bye Leeds, You Were Good To Me

Never did I think I would move away from Leeds.

Actually as I typed that I realised I’ve been trying to go travelling round the world for years haha dum dum.

Here’s the story, born and raised in Nottingham. at 21 I moved to Leeds after escaping an abusive relationship and the clutches of my Dad. The reason I moved to Leeds was because I was interested in Leeds as the city I wanted to go to University in. But my partner at the time would not allow me to move to Leeds. And more fool me, I let him dictate my life and decisions.

As soon as I left him I decided to move to Leeds, a fresh start, new place, new faces and a big fuck you to him!

Almost 5 years later I still absolutely adore Leeds. It’s such a fun and interesting place and I did so much personal development and growing in this city. The raves, the pubs, the people I’ve met, the countryside and the hills!

I didn’t see myself moving away from Leeds, I couldn’t see myself growing out of Leeds or getting bored of it.

But recently, I have been thinking about steps to progressing in life financially. If I stay in Leeds and continue renting I will forever be treading water, money wise. So I have decided to move back to Nottingham to save money.

Naturally I had a huge meltdown over the idea of moving back to Nottingham, after all I associate it with not a very good time in my life. I cried pretty much for 2 days over the idea and actually decided against it.

But having calmed down from that outburst. The pros and cons have been weighed, the mind maps have been drawn and it seems like the right step.

Never in a million years did I think I would move back to Nottingham!

7 months left in Leeds. Let’s make it fun!!

Photo by Tim Lumley on Unsplash