Light At The End Of The Tunnel!

What’s that in the distance!? Is it the way out of lockdown? You bet your fat, jiggly ass it is!

Not that it means much and I am sure we’ll be nose diving into Lockdown 3.0 annnnyyy.. minuteee…. nowww…. … …

As far as I’m concerned, Christmas is cancelled. Best thing to come out of Lady Rona Showing up. Scrooge. I’m more excited for the gym opening on the 2nd December and getting my big ol’ snake tattoo on my back on the 5th woo! It’s the little things.

I’ve already booked my first gym classes back. Body Pump then Spin. I’ll be sufficiently wobbly and achy after – can not wait.

Everyday is good or bad. But there is always this grey co-co covid cloud hanging over everything. Testing our mental health, testing our ability to remain at peace and calm. Giving us money worries, health worries, all the worries. It’s exhausting. Having to remind myself and others that being extra sad or tired, or ill (non covid) is kinda expected due to the level of stress the entire world is under.

It’s tiring. I’m over it. But we’re not out yet. Got to celebrate the small victories and take baby steps back to the surface out of the rona-hell and into the bright sun, squinty eyes as we awake from this nightmare.

Looking forward to writing about other things!

Photo by Timon Studler on Unsplash