Oops! I gave Myself A Tattoo

Why pay the professionals when I can doodle on myself!

I thought that about piercings too. I rammed a large sewing needle through both of my tragus’ when I was a teen. No blood. No infection. £40 saved. I’m a winner babay!

Naturally we graduate towards tattoos and leave the piercing parlours behind.

Stick and poke you sayyy? And I can buy the kits online without a licence?? Uh Oh.

My left knee now has a wobbly tattoo of a hand in that surfers’ extended thumb and pinky with the words ‘good vibes’.

Good vibes. and no regrets. Sure it looks shite compared to my professional ones but there is something more memorable about doing a tattoo yourself. There’s more of a story behind it.

Plus your friends think you’re either super cool or super stupid… I’m gonna go for a 50/50 split.

I will probably do it again. Let’s not beat around the bush. I have an entire pin board on Pinterest of ideas to mutilate on to my skin. My tattoo artist is gonna berate me I know it.

Plus there’s something weird about inflicting pain like that on yourself. You know it’s gonna hurt real bad, but you’ve got to override the innate response of protecting yourself to ram the inky needle far enough into your skin to leave a mark. Repeatedly.

Ouch… Good Vibes tho.. 😉

Photo by Thomas Biasetto on Unsplash