Grey Days & Jammie Dodgers

Roots Manuva was contented with his cheese on toast. Whereas I was feeling guilty with my packet of Jammie Dodgers.

12 jammies scoff scoff. Not done a whole packet of biscuits in a long time. These dark raining days leading up to Christmas screw us over every year. And every year we’re shocked and it’s unexpected.

“It’s this time of year, I just hate it.” My housemate moans as we trudged through the leafy mulchy pulp, wet and slippy and squishy under our muddy trainers. The rain flicks at my coat darkening the fabric from olive green to slightly more depressed olive green. We’re only wandering to the shop 2 minutes away but in the darkness, the rain and the bullying wind it’s a mission.

Coats, keys, money, oh and masks, let’s go buy all the junk.

My housemate attempts irritating small talk as he usually does. I feel like we should be passed this phase by now, having lived with him for 6 months but I’ve come to realise. That’s just him. He doesn’t dig a lil deeper than the typical “how’s your day going”, “what are you doing with your evening”, “what are you up to then”.

I know he means well. But it bores me to death. I’m so sorry housemate. It’s the same questions, same responses. Several times a day. I don’t want to answer you anymore. please stopp.

Looking on the positive side, we didn’t encounter the several drug addicted homeless guys that lurk outside our house. We didn’t get the usual threat when we didn’t hand our phones over so they can call their ‘friend’ (drug dealer).

I’m tired today and I’m looking forward to my hot shower. I’ve decided to do a little pampering in the form of some hard core moisturising tonight. But I am delaying my shower with this blog post because after that it’s game over, I will want to go to bed and sleep but it’s only 5:15pm. Maybe I should be a good human and tidy my room. Heck! Maybe even clean my bathroom. That’ll make me feel really accomplished.

It’s not been a nothing day. Far from it. I had an interview at 9:30am, made my dinners for the week, drove to see my family and drop off Christmas presents and had dinner. Pretty successful I’d say.

The house will come alive later when people unearth from their rooms after secluding themselves all day and only appearing very briefly for food and cups of tea. The house lays still, dark, but warm. I might fall asleep before then, but I know I will be woken up by their noise and it’ll annoy me ha!

I’m sat in my bed pondering life, unexcited by 2 movies I attempted to watch. Nothing is holding my attention this afternoon.

It’s just one of those grey winter days.

Photo by allison christine on Unsplash