I Might Be Moving To Taiwan

I say might. Because I do actually believe something will get in the way/stop me/make me chicken out. So many hurdles. I am trying to not get too excited. If I pretend it’s not really happening then nothing can go wrong right!?

I am excited. But I’m also terrified. It’s one thing dreaming all the time of doing something epic, it’s another thing actually making steps towards it. It makes you question if you really want to do it because you’ve taken a tiny step outside your comfort zone. Every step closer heightens the anxiety and the questioning of whether I should actually just stay in my home country and get a desk job.

The urge got too strong one day recently. I had the next year or so alllllll planned out. I was going back to my home city to save money and maybe try and buy a property and to get a steady teaching job or a PGCE. It was the safer option and a more ‘normal’ route. My sister sure was pleased with this idea 😉

But then I decided that day when the desire to live in another country grew too strong that I would actually apply for some teaching jobs abroad and see what happens.

Three mind maps later and every company eager to interview me, I have been offered a job in Taiwan! Holy Moly!

Tomorrow I find out if I am offered a job in Hong Kong too – which I think at this moment in time I am leaning towards Taiwan. But who knows with me tehe.

It’s so so scary and I am really worried it will fall through. But I will do my best to take baby steps and big breaths to get there! July 2021!

Photo by Joel Fulgencio on Unsplash