Comfy, Cosy

it’s nearly 3pm.

It’s raining outside, but it’s quite mild today.

I have just finished work at school for the term, 2 weeks off! Definitely feeling the mental and physical drain from my job. Looking forward to all those lie ins and lazy mornings tending to my plants, they’re so neglected 😦 I feel bad! 2 plants are turning yellow!

I’m sitting on my bed in my white leopard fleece pyjamas clacking away at my laptop. Today was the last day of term. I’m tired, but that good tired. That comfy, cosy and warm tired from a long yet happy day.

The house is super warm and everyone is getting home from their last days at school and coming home ready for our Christmas dinner together. I might be a big fat Scrooge, but I’m looking forward to it.

I’m also eagerly waiting for a text to say I can pick up an order. I bought a cheap printer/scanner to sort out all my documents needed to move Taiwan. I could have gone to a printing shop but they’re actually closed in our level of lockdown so I’ll just do it all at home, would much prefer that anyway. I’m so impressed and happy that the company I am working for when I move are so on it with the emails. They have sent everything through so fast it’s so goodddddddddd.

Looking forward to getting stuck into all my admin tasks! Sad.

Photo by Nastya Dobryvecher on Unsplash